Meet Mary Ida Adams


Mary Ida graduated from East Carolina University with a bachelor s degree in Psychology. She has trained in eastern health programs, being an Ayurvedic Massage therapist for 20 years. Other professional activities include organic gardening and greenhouse management. She has been a student of Jingui Golden Shield for 17 years and an instructor of Dr. Zhang’s systems for Sixteen years.

About Golden Shield Qi Gong

Torso Training


Golden Shield Qi Gong is a traditional energy cultivation system created to develop higher human potential and significantly increase health and longevity. The practice itself is an extremely simple practice. It works by activating and converting the enormous potential energy (Qi) stored in the body into actual energy. This converted energy feeds and strengthens the internal organs. The excess energy spills into the meridians (our internal wiring system), clearing any stagnations or blocks, widening and maturing the meridians. Specific techniques to gather and store the energy or Qi inside the body help student practitioners continually build their own energy systems. One the primary effects is a much greater integration of mind, body and energy.

The actual practice of Golden Shield Qi Gong uses the body s will to live, to get stronger as the means for creating growth and cultivation. The practice begins by giving the body a slight challenge. The body interprets this challenge as the need to grow stronger . This is similar to what the body does during normal exercise. The muscles are challenged, and they grow stronger to meet the challenge. In Golden Shield however, the challenge is energetic, as well as physical. In this practice not only do the muscles grow stronger, but so do the organs, and the meridians pathways. As a result the whole system grows stronger, clearer, and more integrated, both physically and energetically.

Advanced Hand Training

In every Level the practice is begun by giving the body a slight challenge. As the student continues the practice the body shifts, and what used to be perceived as a challenge is now recognized as no challenge at all. The body has evolved. It has shifted to a higher and stronger energy level as it s normal state of being . At this point the instructor moves the student to the next stage of the practice where a new challenge is applied, and the process begins all over again. In each step the student s energy continues to build and refine. This step by step development rapidly enhances overall energy production, storage and circulation.

A unique aspect of this system is that each level of training employs secret external and internal herbal formulas that have been passed down from the tradition. Another unique and most remarkable aspect of Jingui Golden Shield is that each training level is sealed upon completion. That means the practitioner in affect, never loses the development gained through training. And further growth occurs as practitioners continue training.

In this system we normally train the body one Level at a time. During the physical part of the training there are five basic Levels: Abdomen, Torso, Arms, Legs and Head. At the end of each Level a special technique is given to the student which permanently seals in their level of achievement and energy cultivation. In other words, everything the student has built up is stored in their system for the rest of their life, even if they discontinue the practice.

There is also a Pure Energy Level of training which students can participate in after they have completed and sealed all Levels of the physical training.

Unless prohibited by health conditions all new students begin their training on the Abdomen (Core/ Center) Level. Depending on one s individual progress, Abdomen training is generally an eight to 12 month program. It can be a stand-alone, or become the foundation for a continuing four-year practice of intensive personal cultivation, as the student continues through the remaining four physical Levels.

Class time is composed of lecture, questions and answers, meditation and physical practice. Each student will receive individual attention to monitor progress and customize training. Students are encouraged to attend a bare minimum of two classes per month. Consistent practice is very helpful to get the students energy to grow, mature and refine. Each student s training is individually customized to meet their unique speed of development. Between classes students practice at home 2 3 times per week in 40-60 minute sessions.

Instructors in this system are available to recommend nutritional, herbal, and meditative programs to enhance the training. Throughout the initial 8-12 month intensive program, you will have objective measures that demonstrate the growth of your energy system.