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Qigong has done wonders for my volleyball game and athletic ability. I have been doing the torso training this summer while playing sand volleyball for the first time in 2 years. In summary, my skills have been improving at a faster pace all summer than I have ever improved before. I would like to share a specific experience with you.

Part of Jingui Qi Gong training is gathering your energy back. As I brought my energy (chi) back into my body I was experiencing numerous sensations. One was feeling my heat beat. Another was experiencing energy in my body. It felt like a vibration throughout my body sometimes with a little expansive pressure in area like my feet and thighs. It felt so good that after I finished bringing my energy in I stayed there and enjoyed the experience. I was fortunate enough to stay with that around an hour on two different days. One time I fell asleep in while doing that.

One of those days, immediately after I got up I felt different. Even with my first step I felt lighter. It felt easier to move my body. I also had this feeling that next time I played volleyball I was going to have a good jump in my spiking ability. And that feeling came to fruition.

In warmups, I was hitting harder and more accurately. I also felt that I was jumping higher. We played 4 or 5 games and the other players noticed my hitting had improved. There were a few spikes that were so much better it really surprised me. More and more often I think of how I want to hit the ball and the body executes. On numerous plays it seemed more like I was just watching my body hit rather than me telling it what to do.

This is just one example. It is so amazing and delightful to my how quickly I have been improving all summer. Never before have I improved this fast.