“This profound and scientific approach uses mental self-healing techniques and methods to awaken the natural medicine within your body to heal itself. It gives you the key to unlock the ‘REMEDY’ already built in, within your own cells, pre-installed by the Creator at birth.”  ~  Dr. Dongxun Zhang.

Primordial Medicine Within™ (PMW) awakens the self-healing we carry within ourselves. After years of relying on external sources for health repair, we now have a simple way to make use of our internal abilities that lie within our cells. This skill allows the cells to restore, grow and thrive. PMW teaches us the method to bring out this natural medicine hidden in our cells, with specific protocols and visualizations for each health concern. I have used this method for myself and to help others. You will learn to connect to the original medicine within yourself and gain the skill to use this connection to guide our cells to relief and self-healing.

Primordial Medicine Within™ Classes being offered are:

PMW Chemotherapy Relief
PMW Radiation Relief
PMW Pain Relief
PMW Breast Health
PMW Insomnia Relief
PMW Airborne Allergy Relief
PMW Lymphoma and Leukemia Relief
PMW Strong Healthy Kidneys (Chronic Kidney Disease)
PMW Parkinson’s Relief

Classes starting soon, call Mary Ida to register: 641-980-8017

Mary Ida began her studies at East Carolina University and graduated with a bachelor’ degree in Psychology. Her passion for natural ways to heal the body led her to her studies and instructing of Eastern health programs. This includes being an Ayurvedic Massage therapist and trainer for 20 years, a student of Jingui Golden Shield for 23 years, and an instructor of Dr. Zhang’s systems for 20 years. Other professional activities include organic gardening and greenhouse management.  Mary Ida continues to broaden her studies to include Dr. Zhang’s self-healing programs. She learned directly from Dr. Zhang the simple protocols of Primordial Medicine Within™. This self-healing has brought relief to many, including herself. She is excited to continue to share this profound knowledge that resides in everyone.

Dr. Dongxun Zhang  

Dr. Zhang is a doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM), and a Qi Gong and Tai Chi Master. He is the creator of the theory of ‘Intended Evolution’ and the Intended Evolution Fitness System. He is a professor, former Dean and member of the doctoral program advisory committee of the Texas Health and Science University. He is on the faculty of Consilient Innovation Network. Dr. Zhang is a former director of the International Association of Integrated Medicine. In 1997 he was recognized by the 6th International Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference with the Hwang Di Award for his Micro-Diagnostic System.  Dr. Zhang is the creator of Primordial Medicine Within™. He has spent many years developing this profound knowledge that he feels will help to heal many health problems that modern medicine has not been able to solve.


“Sometimes I can activate parts of the practice, as I feel an allergic reaction coming on, and stop the symptom before it even happens. I am very grateful to have such a useful tool in my self-healing box.”

Dave M.

Boulder, CO

“Using the Primordial Medicine within™ Self healing Tools, I experienced an improvement and great benefit within only a couple of days, for my prostate and bladder issues.”

Eddie P.


“The Insomnia course provides insights into sleeping patterns and a simple technique to help one fall asleep. It definitely helped me!”

Evelyn P.